uniWerks Design is the Official Hard-Start Relay Vendor for Van Tracker

uniWerks Design is the leading source for 3d printed NLA (No Longer Available) Vanagon parts as well as their own line of custom aftermarket parts for the Vanagon. They have other hardware as well, including the best hard-start relay kit on the market.

The hard-start relay is a piece of hardware that every Vanagon, Beetle, and Microbus should have come with from the factory but for whatever reason, probably cost, they didn't. The high current in this circuit is the reason for many ignition switches failing. This is the reason so many vendors offer them. I don't get any kickbacks from uniWerks, I just think it's the best kit, the price is in line with the others, and like me, Chris is a small business owner that needs support to stay in business.

Whether you get a Van Tracker or not, be sure to get a hard-start relay for your VW today!

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I'm a Vanagon owner since 2012 who has travelled the US and Canada along with my girlfriend and our giant dog.  I try to give back to the community by making lots of videos.  I have been a professional software developer since 2002 but would rather be turning a wrench than at the keyboard!