Where is the official documentation?

The Public YouTube Playlist is here and covers
-an introduction to Van Tracker
-basic commands / interactions with the VT unit
-a demo of the kill switch
-a demo of the tracker
The Private YouTube Playlist is in the Documentation below and covers
--a discussion of the technologies involved
--basic installation
--installation options The Documentation folder is here and includes
--the official user manual
--a reference guide explaining every VT command in detail
--and more...

Is Van Tracker 2G, 3G, or 4G?

Van Tracker 2.0 is 4G LTE, which isn't going anywhere any time soon. 2G and 3G are both outdated and near their end of life (2G is almost completely phased out). Early Van Tracker models use LTE-M, which is a new low-power, low-bandwidth protocol, meaning it's great for Internet of Things (IoT) products like remote sensors or tracking devices. Unfortunately, though it was supposed to be completely rolled out by the end of 2019, experience has proven that it's still unavailable in certain areas. See the official documentation for more.

Is there a Van Tracker Users' Community or Blog?

There's a Blog, which is updated every now and then if there are new developments. There's a User Forum, but it's not really active.

I have other questions...

Read the User Manual in the official documentation. It's pretty thorough if my beta testers do say so themselves. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact support or ask on the User Forum.

How does the kill switch work out of cell range?

The kill switch will continue to adhere to the schedule that you have set (for example 11pm - 8am). But even if you're out of cell range, Van Tracker will never strand you because you can simply turn the unit off and drive away.

Can the kill switch stop a moving vehicle?

No way, that would be a huge liability to both of us. The kill switch is tied to the starting circuit so it only prevents starting the vehicle. I have always felt that fuel pump kill switches are too dangerous and I do not recommend them for any vehicle.

How much power does Van Tracker use?

Van Tracker uses about 45mA when the fence is disabled, and about 55mA when the fence is enabled. This will add up over time, so if your vehicle is not driven for a few weeks, it could kill the battery. In that situation is advised that either VT be turned off (and stereos or other electronics are unplugged) or that the vehicle is plugged into a Battery Tender type trickle charger. That being said, if your battery is dead, it's probably unlikely that your vehicle will be stolen.

What if I already have a kill switch that I like?

Normally, Van Tracker will send an alert messages when someone tries to start the van (at the same time that its kill switch prevents them from starting it). If Van Tracker's kill switch doesn't interest you, the wire can be run to the door-open circuit so that you receive an alert when a door is opened instead of when someone tries to start the van.