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  • Where is the official documentation?
    The Help Page is your one-stop shop for the Complete Documentation Folder as well as the Public and Private YouTube Playlists:
  • Can I install Van Tracker myself?
    Great question. A very wide range of people want to secure their VWs, so I have created videos that will get a pro most of the way there, as well as a step-by-step installation instructions in the Full Documentation folder for the less experienced. Plus, I'm typically very responsive and have even talked to customers on the phone while they're doing their install. Several customers have purchased Van Tracker and then had a local shop do the install. The most tedious part is running wires through the van, and that will depend on your specific setup.
  • Will Van Tracker save me $ on insurance?
    ...maybe? If you have comprehensive insurance, it's worth asking. Some companies will give you a discount if you have a kill switch, tracker, and/or a security system.
  • Why does Van Tracker need a subscription?
    Because, just like your cell phone, Van Tracker has a SIM card and its own phone number! Now you can be the cool guy or gal who looks at their phone and tells their friend "Oh, that's just my van texting me..."
  • What types of technologies does Van Tracker use?
    Van Tracker is an Arduino-based solution that uses a SimCom SIM7600 cellular + GPS module as well as a custom designed printed circuit board (PCB). The SIM7600 uses LTE Cat-1 which is similar to your cell phone (LTE Cat-4) but lower power. The included wires are TFFN or THHN and can handle high temperatures and are highly resistant to oil and gas.
  • Can Van Tracker be defeated the way fob systems can?
    Nope. You may have heard of thieves who hack the key fob system in newer cars to easily gain access to cars' interiors, but since Van Tracker is cellular, this is not possible.
  • I have other questions...
    If you can't find what you're looking for in the Full Documentation at the bottom of the Help Page, feel free to drop me a line on the Support Page.
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