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Van Tracker Backend System Status

Most online services claim up-times of something in the neighborhood of 99.95%.

Well, that ain't 100%...

There is, at this very moment, an outage that is causing commands NOT to reach Van Tracker units. As with any online service, there are so unfathomably many services, physical and virtual servers, wires, and lines of code between you and your goal, it's a small miracle that anything on the Internet ever works. As for Van Tracker, we use a combination of and for backend services. And with any online service, as with life, there are no guarantees. So, with that...

Hologram's system status page is here. On this screen, we care about


  • Cellular network

  • SMS

  • SMS over IP

Twilio's much more extensive status page is here. On this screen, we care about

  • Twilio Services (left column)


      • SMS



      • Functions

  • External Connectivity (right column)


      • SMS Long Code, North America

I've only noticed an outage that affects us today and on 1 other occasion in the year I've been working with these companies, but it's important to be transparent, so I wanted to share this info with everyone. You can always come back to this page and find the links to the Hologram and Twilio status pages. Happy Van Tracking!

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