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Dozens of DIY Vanagon Videos...

Shortly after acquiring my van in 2012, I joined The Samba and it was such an immense help that I wanted to give back. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth around 30 thousand words a second. Most people who visit this site probably already know this, but I have uploaded a few dozen Vanagon videos on everything from brakes rebuilds, CV joints, thermostat / cooling system operation, to window seal replacement, and a few original hacks - or "features" as I like to call them...

I first moved from the stock 1.9L waterboxer to the 2.1L and while it was a noticeable improvement, I started getting a low oil pressure light which, at the 2.1's age of 150k miles, was apparently a sign of impending bottom end failure. I then put in a Bostig and have been singing Bostig Jim's praises ever since. If I had to do it over I'd do more research on a Subaru swap, but in general the Bostig has been rock solid while delivering ample power. Bostig's goal is reliability first, everything else second. The installation was pretty straightforward, but while doing it I still made a dozen or so videos for any future Bostig customer to watch just for peace of mind.

I invite you to check 'em out, and please leave a comment if I've missed anything or gotten anything wrong in the videos.

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