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New: Door-Open Alerts + Busses, Bugs, Ghias...

A couple people have asked if Van Tracker could be installed to send alert messages when the door opens instead of when a thief attempts to start the van. After a few code tweaks, this is now officially supported! Here are the cases where this would be of use:

-You already have a manual kill switch that you like. Even if it's a battery-disconnect switch, let's talk

-You cannot install a hard-start relay (required for kill switch functionality) because you have an automatic transmission & factory cruise control

In either of the above scenarios, the kill switch functionality will not work, but you can still get either start-attempt alerts or door-open alerts. Simply connect the red wire to the starting circuit or the door-open circuit and cap the blue wire so it's not connected to anything. Of course GPS tracking and geofencing (movement detection) will still work fine.

I feel confident this system will work in Bugs, Busses, Ghias, etc. that have similar starting circuitry. Obviously VW reused a lot of parts/ideas across models, and I know Bug and Bus people also use hard-start relays. If you're the first to install on a Bug or a Bus, I'll give you a discount as a groundbreaking user!

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