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Van Tracker is currently out of stock and may or may not ever come back in stock.  

I will of course continue to support my existing customers, but I'm probably done building VT units.



Includes connections for Vanagons with a Bostig Conversion.  You're lucky, Van Tracker's "Bostig EZ Install" is quick and clean.

I have reduced pricing for the first few months of sales!  Once the word is out about this product, I will probably raise the prices.  Yes, it's been tested thoroughly in the field - my beta testers love Van Tracker, and I hope you will too!



Like your cell phone or any other cellular or satellite-based tracker, Van Tracker requires a subscription. Please purchase a subscription at the same time you purchase the Van Tracker unit.

Van Tracker For Bostig Conversions (Out of Stock)

SKU: VTBostig
  • If Van Tracker is not to your liking or cannot connect to a cell network in your area, you may return it within 60 days for a full refund minus shipping costs.

  • Van Tracker is guaranteed to work for at least 1 year after purchase. If it does not, it will be replaced free of charge, granted the customer returns the failed unit at their shipping expense.

    Service may be discontinued at any time due to events beyond our control, such as a change or discontinuation of backend services Van Tracker uses, i.e. and In this event, the prorated part of any paid subscription will be refunded.

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