Includes connections for Vanagons with a Bostig Conversion.  You're lucky, Van Tracker's "Bostig EZ Install" is quick and amazingly clean.

I have reduced pricing for the first few months of sales!  Once the word is out about this product, I will probably raise the prices.  Yes, it's been tested thoroughly in the field - my beta testers love Van Tracker, and I hope you will too!



The parts for Van Tracker aren't cheap, so I am currently building Van Tracker units on a rolling basis:


  1. A customer purchases a Van Tracker
  2. I'm regularly ordering parts as orders come in and parts run low (there are 36 individual parts per VT unit!), as well as building and shipping units.  Timing of shipping will depend on current parts inventory, but on average will be about a month.
  3. Around 2 months after the customer receives the unit, I will ask them to purchase a subscription


Yes, this tracker does require a subscription, just like your cell phone or any cellular-based tracker.  I wanted to design it so that you could use the cellular provider of your choice, but for technical reasons, that was not possible.


The entire year-long development of this product has been a phenomenal exercise in patience, so I gratefully appreciate yours!  I promise to be available via support for any questions, and update the VT Blog during this process.

Van Tracker For Bostig Conversions

$199.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • If Van Tracker is not to your liking or does not connect to AT&T or T-Mobile's networks in your area, you may return it within 60 days for a full refund minus shipping costs.