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Every cellular-enabled tracking device on the market has a monthly cost associated with it.  Some companies may give you a couple months free, but just like everyone with a cell phone, those companies are paying a major carrier such as AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, and that cost is somehow passed on to the consumer.


With Van Tracker, there are two ways to get online.  The standard way is to pay Van Tracker a per-month connection fee.  The alternative “Self Directed” way is for you to create an account at Hologram.io and do some setup.  It’s not too difficult but there are some unavoidable downsides.


See the chart in the images above for a comparison of pros & cons (click the image to expand it for an easier read).

Cellular Data Subscription

$9.00 per month


Unfortunately, a product purchase and a subscription have to be made separately due to limitations with wix.com.  That's also why this page looks a little different from the other product pages.  Thank you for understanding!